Best Fake Tan

With almost 2 weeks of sunshine under our belts – we’re all asking the same question… Has British summertime been and gone, or are we in for another showing of heat, sun and fun? Fear not – as LHB are on hand to top up your tan, regardless of the weather and will guarantee an all over natural looking, non-streaky, flawless tan that will elevate your entire body into super sexy mode! LHB’s best and favourite ‘fake tan’ is fully endorsed by fashion legend Kate Moss – and with good reason too…

Did you know – there’s 1 St.Tropez spray tan performed every minute – and 1 St.Tropez product sold every fifteen seconds?

Best Fake Tan

St Tropez is applied by using fine layers of mist to the body, giving you the ultimate sunless tan. Colour develops within hours and looks as natural as the results of the sun. In addition to the ‘classic’ St Tropez, we also offer the St Tropez ‘dark’ tan – which is 3 shades darker than the ‘classic’.

Best Fake Tan @ LHB – Why St Tropez Wins Every time…

– A natural looking tan to suit every skin tone, from the experts you trust
– Long-lasting with even fade
– Aromaguard™ virtually eliminates the self-tan aroma
– 100% Natural Tanning Agent
– Paraben & Sulphate Free
– Winner of 85 awards worldwide
– Super light formulations deliver a natural sunless tan in 3 to 6 hours
– Infused with vitamin e to hydrate the skin

If you’re unsure about a ‘fake tan’ or have been put off by the horror stories, then let LHB ease your mind with a professional consultation and service that will leave you looking enhanced like never before. A full body spray tan is just £30… Or, only £50 for a Full Body Spray Tan & Polish. Book online HERE.

Best Fake Tan Tips!

  • Wear loose and dark coloured clothing to your treatment.
  • Preparation = perfection… The smoother the canvas, the better the application… waxing, shaving and body scrubs (24 hours in advance) will give your skin the best chance to naturally accommodate a spray tan…

Get in touch today for bronzed perfection at LHB with our best fake tan, St Tropez – you’ll never look back…

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