Crystal Clear Facial

‘The beauty treatment to the stars’


Fine crystals gently resurface and exfoliate, transforming dull, dehydrated skin and treating fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. They encourage new collagen and elastin formation, firming the skin and boosting cellular renewal. A Crystal Clear facial provides visible results after just one session. Any combination of treatments can be prescribed for your specific needs.

Beauty Fix

A microdermabrasion treatment, followed by application of face and eye cream.


Beauty Flash

A micro-dermabrasion treatment followed by a collagen mask and pressure point massage to alleviate facial tension.


Beauty Flash with Oxygen

The classic Beauty Flash with the added benefit of Oxygen Therapy.


Deluxe Facial

A micro-dermabrasion treatment followed by application of the famous Lifting Mask to tighten and lift tired, dull looking skin. A deep cleanse which also improves skin hydration by up to 40%.




Oxygen Facial

A micro-dermabrasion treatment followed by Oxygen Therapy to breathe new life into tired looking skin. Perfect for anyone wanting to plump and firm lined or wrinkled skin.


Deluxe with Oxygen

The ‘Superstar’ of all facials. Combining our Deluxe and Oxygen facial into one treatment for ultimate results!


Oxygen Eye Revive

A treatment dedicated just to the eyes, great for fine lines and dark, tired or puffy eyes.


Oxygen Inhalation

Breathe deep and inhale pure oxygen to eliminate energy dips and relieve dehydration (also known to cure a hangover!)




Manual Microdermabrasion With Oxygen

Perfect for sensitive Skin. 30 minutes.


Manual Microdermabrasion With Oxygen

Perfect for sensitive Skin. 45 minutes.


COMCIT Frozen Facial

This revolutionary anti-ageing treatment is the first of its kind in the world and the results are instant – defying the ageing process for both men and women.


H20 GLOW Facial

H20 Glow Facial = hydration – lifting and plumping / manual microdermabrasion. Stimulating lifting mask is applied for increasing hydration by 40%.