Eyebrow threading for Men

With ever-increasing popularity, Eyebrow threading and in particular Eyebrow threading for men is a hotter topic than ever…  It’s now 2016 – the age of renewable energy – smart devices, voice recognition and even self-driving cars! Is it any wonder that we’re now all able to refine our appearance to a smarter, more on-point presentation of a better self?

Eyebrow threading for men

Here at The Lanes Health & Beauty, we pride ourselves on delivering not just contemporary, but genuine innovative technologies and treatments for a more stylish and beautiful you…

Eyebrow threading for men: Benefits

  • No ingrown hairs
  • Inexpensive, quick, with very little pain experienced
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially those too sensitive for laser or waxing
  • Typically takes just 15 minutes to thread both eyebrows
  • 100% natural, with no need for chemicals, meaning no risk of a negative skin reaction

Not only will our expert stylists make you look amazing – all threading treatments take place in the privacy of our stylish treatment rooms – with no fear of being the centre of attention in an open salon or dreadful shopping centre pit-stop environment!

Eyebrow threading for men

Eyebrow threading for men is available by appointment or simply just ‘walk-in’…

All treatments at The Lanes Health & Beauty are delivered by fully trained professionals and are bespoke to you. We’ve earnt a reputation for listening to our clients and working with them – which our repeat customer base is testament to… So whether you’re looking for a subtle tidy up, to tame and frame your face to perfection – or a complete HD overhaul, to present a visually striking you. LHB have the expertise to ensure you look your absolute best…

Eyebrow threading for men is just £12 @ The Lanes Health & Beauty

Call today for availability – or just pop in when you’re passing, for Eyebrow threading for men at LHB.

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