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Going back to our roots with LHB’s fourth and final blog for July 2016 – and putting the shine where it belongs, at you finger tips! The Lanes Health & Beauty’s Hollywood nail bar is famous around town for trending tones and expertly trained therapists, making us the go-to from head to toe in the world of a-list nails. . .

A-List Nails @ LHB

LHB stock both Artistic Nail Design and Morgan Taylor – with over 300 colours to choose from in salon.

Artistic Colour Revolution

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Don’t just take our word for how amazing these brands are, the celeb’s will do it all for us.

Rihanna, was spotted donning Artistic Colour Gloss™ “Sassy” – a pink shimmery shade that’s clean, elegant and perfect colour to dress up nails year-round. Rihanna is seen showing off her fresh set of polished nails for her trip to Detroit to shoot video content for her upcoming Monster tour.

Celebrity manicurist and nail artist, Kimmie Kyees, had a private session on the tour bus where she sculpted and glossed up Rihanna’s nails with a soft, femme colour fitted for this songstress’ mix of chic and edgy iconic fashion. “She wanted something clean…we did one coat so it would be a bit see through” says Kyees.

This long-lasting gel polish and soft shade – Sassy (#03048), is perfect for transitioning from day to night outings, making it the perfect pick to accessorize Rihanna’s range of flirty to bold statement style.

Sofia Richie showed off her gel polish nails in Artistic Colour Gloss™ Café Latte – a nude crème to complement her outfit as she set off to meet the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in Washington, D.C. over the summer.

Kimmie Kyees, celebrity manicurist and nail artist, says, “[Sofia] wanted something clean and neutral. Since it’s a colour her sister Nicole Richie and pop-star Rihanna likes, she was sold!”

a list nails

Sofia, who often gets acrylic nails, opted for a gel polish and a chic, barely-there colour to coat her nails for her upcoming special event.

Sofia Richie shows off one of our popular nude colours, Café Latte (#03043), amongst celebrities after the private nail service session at her father’s house. She snaps and shares a fun picture highlighting her fresh set of gel nails while having a healthy treat on her Instagram page that received instant exposure and compliments on her chic minimalist nails.

With adoring celebs like these, who are we to argue! Call LHB today for a-list nails that will make you sparkle from head to toe –

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