Eyelash Extensions

With yet more rain since our last blog – but a sunny Saturday on the horizon! Let The Lanes Health & Beauty brighten up the end of your week, with our latest blog covering one of our very specialist treatments – eyelash extensions.

‘The Lanes’ are UK original and leading experts of eyelash extensions with over 25 years’ experience.

We carefully select eyelash extensions by measurement of their curl and thickness – and in doing so, can ensure that the extensions closely resemble your existing lashes.

We also advocate the use of silk lashes, which are lighter than typical eyelash extensions, allowing them to flex and taper with your existing lash, creating the most natural look and feel possible.

eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions: Treatment and Maintenance


  • A full set of lashes takes just 1.5 hours to apply, with a half set taking only 45 minutes.
  • We advise clients to use oil free products only, which prolongs the life of your extensions.
  • Clients typically return every two to three weeks for maintenance – and to replace lashes that have naturally shed during the cycle.
  • We always patch test extension adhesive 24 to 48 hours before treatment, to ensure no reaction or sensitivity due to the product’s strength.

Eyelash extensions will stay firmly in place while you sleep, go to the gym – and even when you go swimming! (There’s also no need to endure the painful process of ripping fakes off at the end of the night!)  

eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions Near Me – The Lanes Health & Beauty

The Lanes Health and Beauty’s ‘Hollywood style’ boutique salon is located in the heart of Brighton’s historic Lanes.

We provide affordable innovative beauty, while making you feel truly pampered. Eyelash Extensions are just one of many specialist treatments available from our full time expert team of beauty therapists.

Click here to visit our dedicated lash and brow page and get in touch with Brighton’s premier eyelash extensions team at The Lanes Health & Beauty…

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