Manicure Brighton

Let’s face it, we all love having our nails done – here at the Lanes Health and Beauty we’d like to tell you why it’s so important, not just for the mind but for the body as well…

Manicure Brighton Benefits:

In addition to looking good and feeling great – here’s a list of reasons to keep your nails in tip top condition…

  • Nails and Skin – massaging both the nails and skin on your hands helps the renewal of important skin cells and helps nail growth leaving nails longer and stronger
  • Nail polishes – these form a protective layer for your nails against the daily damage that occurs.
  • Cuticles – these are part of your skin and act as a barrier or protection for the nail. Keeping them in good condition avoids the risk of them drying and cracking.

Manicure Brighton Frequency:

We recommend a manicure at least once a month – this will help maintain your nails to the highest possible standard. It also gives you the chance to come and feel pampered in our luxurious Hollywood Nail Bar…

As part of our October Beauty Salon Offers, we’re doing a Gel Manicure and Pedicure for just £50 usually £75!

Contact us today to look as good as you’ll feel after one of our manicure treatments.