Pedicure Brighton

Our fourth and final blog of a somewhat dreary but traditional January, is as promised looking after all beauty aspects, from your head to the tips of your toes – focusing on everyone’s favourite the pedicure…

“never take advice from someone with bad nails…”

With Valentines fast approaching – who doesn’t want to not just look good, but feel good when all is on show! The Lanes Health & Beauty have always been ahead of the curve of the cities nail salons. We pride ourselves on offering the widest range of gels and polishes available + on trend must have treatments designed to keep you fresh and unique…

“LHB stock over 300 colours of polishes and Gels…”

Only Brighton’s number 1 nail salon would be able to pull off diamantes’ stating ‘nailed’ above the chez lounge!

Pedicure Brighton

Pedicures – it’s all in the treatment…

A ‘Lanes’ pedicure treatments takes place in our bespoke pedicure chairs, positioned perfectly for you + one, or even flying solo. LHB have eight therapists all with a minimum of 5 years’ experience – most over 10 years. We have six nail stations – four manicure and two pedicure. All of which are open to ‘walk-ins’ – for any nail treatment…

Not convinced of a pedicure in winter – then read on!

  • Early Detection of Issues

Regular pedicures can help the therapist detect early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections. These conditions are much easier to treat when detected in their earlier stages.

  • Chance of Infections Decreased

Clipping, cutting and cleaning of the toenails prevents them from growing inward and causing infection. The elimination of dirt and bacteria from your feet will also help prevent nail diseases disorders (fungi) and foot odours. It is also important to keep toenails healthy because they protect toes from trauma.

  • Preserves the Skin’s Moisture

A pedicure includes a soak in warm water and massages with oils and lotions that help preserve the moisture and integrity of your feet. Moisturized feet are less likely to get blisters, crakes or other foot problems. It is also important to keep your cuticles moisturized to prevent nails from growing out with ridges or split ends which can cause the nails to lift out of the nail beds.

  • Exfoliation for the Feet

Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns. The removal of the dead skin on your feet, especially on the heel, encourages new cell growth, which creates smoother and more attractive feet.

So, don’t delay – contact LHB today for a pedicure experience that will leave your feet not just heavenly – but healthy!

LHB – 01273 725572