Shrinking Violet Wrap


Shrinking Violet Wrap 

At last – a pain free, effortless, instant inch loss system that actually works! Introducing, the Professional Shrinking Violet body wrap system at The Lanes Health & Beauty…

This sensational non-invasive treatment, successfully removes unwanted fat (and inches) from problem areas of your body, mainly, your thighs, bum and tummy.

This incredible treatment is so effective, that just one session can shrink your waist by up to 2 inches. Regardless of individual build, immediate results will be visible from your first body wrap – and can continue to enhance for the following 72 hours.

Treatment Price:

Shrinking Violet Wrap £70

Shrinking Violet Wrap – The Brand

Founded in 2006, with an ethos to produce the very best products, with the most natural ingredients available – the Shrinking Violet body wrap is exclusive to Tibby Olivier

Tibby Olivier treatments are used by beauty professionals worldwide – and their Shrinking Violet Wrap is recognised as being the biggest and best inch loss pro-body wrapping system throughout the globe.


Shrinking Violet Wrap – In the Press

OK MAGAZINE:  “When we were unwrapped after a very relaxing hour of cooking – which even saw us slip off to sleep! – we were re-measured, and in the matter of an hour we’d dropped a wonderful 14cm across our body and, most impressively, a staggering 4cm from our hips.”

LOOK MAGAZINE:  “When measured again, I’d lost 7.5 inch, including one off my waist and 3/4 inch off each thigh.”

CLOSER:  “Being a relatively slim person as it is, the therapist was dubious as to whether I would lose many inches, but amazingly, after the 1 hour treatment, I’d lost over 8 inches in total from my body – including around the difficult to shift areas of the tummy and arms.”

COSMOPOLITAN:  “If you’re looking for instant results, then this is for you. After being measured, you’re covered in oil, then tightly wrapped in cling-film and left for an hour, after being measured again, I had lost 2cm – winner!”

Shrinking Violet Wrap – Treatment Specifics

An active hospholipid solution is applied which due to its active ingredients is able to penetrate the skin. This solution is 3 times more concentrated than most competing wrap systems.

The shrinking violet wrap known as ‘wrapture’ is applied which then induces heat.

This heat ensures that the active solution ingredients change the state of your fat cells, this causes them to release intra-cellular fat which in turn reduces the size of the fat cells.

Shrinking Violet Wrap – Treatment Q&A:


Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: Visible result are instant following just 1 session, however you may wish discuss a treatment plan for significant goals.

Q: What are the pre-treatment recommendations?
A: Avoid alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks for 24 hours before treatment – increase your water intake to ensure you’re drinking 2 litres per day. Don’t moisturise on the day.

Q: What are the post-treatment recommendations?
A: Don’t shower (or swim) for 24 hours, again – avoid alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks for 24 hours – and maintain water intake at 2 litres a day…