Spray Tan Near Me

Although not quite warm enough for bronzing the bod in April – the sun is out which means more skin is on display! So whether you’re a sun worshipper or a shade seeker, then what better way to kick things off than with a spray tan near me!

We’re ultra-convenient to reach at LHB – find us at No 5 Market Street, in Brighton’s historic South Lanes. A stone’s throw from the beach, sitting slap bang in between Brighton’s high profile retail and restaurant offerings…

LHB have been helping clients get their shine on for years – and no one does it better than St Tropez at The Lanes Health & Beauty. The ultimate spray tan endorsed by Kate Moss, accentuating your features, making you look slimmer without the dreaded streaks!

Spray Tan Near Me

Spray Tan Near Me – the Benefits for you…


  • Accentuates your features, making you look slimmer
  • Provides bronzed / sun-kissed skin without UVA damage
  • Does not streak or leave you with silly white bits or orange palms as per DIY tanning
  • Fast – taking just 10 minutes for a Full Body Spray Tan
  • Visually smooths out any imperfections, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks & varicose veins

St Tropez is applied by using fine layers of mist to the body, giving you the ultimate sunless tan. Colour develops within hours and looks as natural as the results of the sun. In addition to the ‘classic’ St Tropez, we also offer the St Tropez ‘dark’ tan – which is 3 shades darker than the ‘classic’.

A full body spray tan is just £30… Or, only £50 for a Full Body Spray Tan & Polish (cheaper than flights and accommodation!)…

Spray Tan Essentials : LHB

1. Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment

2. Preparation = perfection… The smoother the canvas, the better the application… waxing, shaving and body scrubs (24 hours in advance) will give your skin the best chance to naturally accommodate a spray tan…

Call now for availability and experience the ultimate in super speedy / low cost tanning perfection without having to leave town, with spray tanning near me!

LHB – 01273 725572