Waxing Salon

With June just around the corner – Summer is on its way, which spells out time for waxing. LHB have been Brighton’s go to for this specialist hair removal treatment for years now – and are considered the best on offer in terms of what a waxing salon should offer its clients …

LHB – Waxing Salon

Here at LHB, waxing is just one of our specialties. All LHB therapists have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in using both the ‘Clean & Easy’ waxing system and ‘Hot Wax’ (for sensitive areas).

Our clean and easy waxing uses a canister roll-on system in favour of regular pot wax, which enables us to achieve the smoothest application of wax possible – which results in optimum hair removal.

LHB use talcum powder to provide a barrier for all waxing treatments ..

In addition to years of professional experience taking care of you – we also look after clients by furnishing them with LHB’s waxing guidelines as follows:

 Pre Wax:

  • Ensure that hair is minimum of 1\2 cm long to achieve best results
  • Wear loose underwear for intimate waxing and loose clothing for all other areas
  • Exfoliate prior to a wax to lift and remove any in-growing hairs

 Immediate after care:

  • Keep the area clean and dry
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Ensure you are not exposed to high levels of heat
  • Avoid showering for 24hrs post treatment
  • Do not apply perfumed lotions to the treated area

 Post Wax:

  • Avoid heat treatments for 24 – 48 hours (sauna – steam – gym – baths – sunbeds)
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Avoid making contact with the treated area
  • Exfoliate after one week of your treatment and continue to do so once a week to minimise in-growing hairs.

Re-book your next waxing Brighton treatment for every 4-6 weeks to help your hair cycle to establish its regular pattern (Approximately four treatments will ensure your hair growth runs to its natural cycle and will in turn provide optimum waxing results).

New to waxing – LHB are experienced hands at guiding clients through the best course of action for optimum results. So, whether you’re a seasoned waxer – or a first time smoother, we’ll make sure you’re not just relaxed happy and informed – but smooth sexy and silky too!

Call LHB today for availability at Brighton’s premier Waxing Salon – and let us help you glide your way into the warmer weather …

LHB – 01273 7225572