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Welcome to our 2nd blog for a welcome sunny September 2015 – where we’ll be looking at how to decipher Brighton’s Beauty Salon Reviews

beauty salon reviews

The Lanes Health & Beauty have been the go-to for beauty in the Souths little London on Sea since 2002. We have a string of celebrity regulars, working professionals, yummy Mummies and referral day-trippers that don’t trust anyone else with their treatments.

These days, checking a service out with review sites online is almost second nature to all of is – however, this is just one-step to finding your perfect match.

Beauty Salon Reviews: How to get the best for you…


  • Ask Friends:

The best advice is from those you trust and that understand you… If you’re after a solid recommendation this is always the 1st step.

  • Check out the Competition:

Always shop around to compare prices, service levels, available treatments and reviews!

  • Give them a Buzz:

The best way to get an initial feel of a business is to give them a call… This will give you an idea of how they treat customers – especially new ones!

  • Book a Consultation:

No need to part with any money just yet – book a consultation and find out what a salon can do for you – and at what price.

  • Do not be guided by Price:

Although an important factor – cost is not always King! This works at both ends of the spectrum, whereby you might pay the most but not experience the best – and almost certainly, pay the least – you’ll get what you pay for!

  • Don’t be put off by seemingly bad Reviews:

Everyone has the opportunity to review online – and negative reviews can often be the result of an individual’s own issues and in turn bad experiences, where the review platform is merely an opportunity to vent!

  • Innovations and Technology:

What does the salon do that others don’t? Are they investing in cutting-edge treatments, do they have fully trained permanent employees – do they have official accreditation by leading brands?

  • Work with Them:

Be a good customer by turning up on time and communicating your needs and desires. This ensures a constant narrative that will educate and assist your technician towards all intended results.


Hopefully, this article will give you a little further inspiration for working with and around beauty salon reviews, to find out the real deal of what Brighton has to offer…