HydraFacial Brighton

Instantly noticeable results with just 1 x HydraFacial treatment at The Lanes Health & Beauty your HydraFacial Brighton destination… 


LHB is Brighton’s hub for beauty treatments and our most advanced, innovative, and deep cleansing skin rejuvenation treatment is now ready for you. All LHB treatments are delivered by fully qualified expert beauty therapists and we are awaiting your visit.

This exciting facial skin treatment innovation uses active botanical ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate, sculpt, plump, and moisturise you to radiant perfection – and is available as 3 individual treatment options:

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HydraFacial Brighton | treatment specifics


Step 1: Hydrodermabrasion for deep cleansing

Step 2: Aqua peel

Step 3: Electrical blackhead extraction

Step 4: Blue LED that kills bacteria

Step 5: Dark eye tightening and brightening

Step 6: Jawline Sculpting

Step 7: Collagen mask to strengthen your skin and it’s elasticity

Step 8: Ultrasound infusion that pushes products to a deeper level for plumping and hydration 

Step 9: Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation and to soothe the skin

Step 10: Oxyjet therapy that infuses the skin with deep product penetration


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HydraFacial in Brighton

LHB’s HydroFacial provides a relaxing holistic approach to skin health that cleanses, brightens, tightens and illuminates your skin like you’ve never seen before. It also addresses and improves most skincare types: 

  • CALM
  • EYE
  • LIP


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