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St Tropez Spray Tan

St Tropez / Sienna X Spray Tan

The Lanes Health & Beauty use the beauty industries number one brand for spray tanning – St Tropez. This is the ultimate spray tan endorsed by Kate Moss being the face of the St Tropez brand.


St Tropez / Sienna X Spray Tan – Benefits:


  • Accentuates your features and makes you look slimmer.
  • Gives you bronzed / sun-kissed skin without UVA damage.
  • Does not streak or leave you with white bits or orange palms as per DIY tanning.
  • Quick and convenient – takes just 10 minutes per person for a Full Body Spray Tan.
  • Evens out imperfections, minimizes the appearance of stretch marks & varicose.


St Tropez is applied by using fine layers of mist to the body, giving you the ultimate sunless tan. Colour develops within hours and looks as natural as the results of the sun. In addition to the ‘classic’ St Tropez, we also offer the St Tropez ‘dark’ tan – which is 3 shades darker than the ‘classic’. Whether you wish to use St Tropez In the absence of the sun, or as a preparation for the beach. We cannot recommend the St Tropez spray tan enough for achieving your pre-summer glow.

Treatment Prices

Full Body Spray Tan: £30

Full Body Spray Tan & Polish: £55