Bride-to-be: ways to pamper yourself before the wedding

When you’re planning your wedding it’s all too easy to entirely focus on the details and forget about looking after yourself. Invites, seating plans and dresses quite rightly take centre stage, but you should also think about some well-earned pampering. Not only will it be a nice break, it’ll also give you a chance to refresh and get on with the organisation with renewed energy. Whether it’s trying a French plait in the salon or having fun with friends on a spa day, there are plenty of pre-wedding pampering options available.


  • Spa day with your bridesmaids. Probably the best way of pampering yourself is to get your bridesmaids together and head for a spa. Not only will you benefit from the different treatments and services on offer, it’s also a chance to chill out with friends and have a laugh – there’s no better therapy for stress than laughter. You could offer it up as a pre-wedding gift or just ask if they want to come and pay for themselves; there’s no pressure on you to splash out.
  • Hair styling and treatments. This is an opportunity to multi-task – a blessing for anyone planning a wedding. Having a professional style your hair is always a bit luxurious, but this is also an opportunity for you to try out potential wedding styles. Whether it’s a floating down do, chic up do, or vintage style like a stunning French plait, this is the time to try it out. Treat yourself to a hair mask or deep condition too and you’re not just rewarding yourself with a bit or pampering, you’re prepping your locks for the big day!
  • Massage away the stress. Nothing beats lying still on a bed and having an expert pair of hands smooth away your aches and pains. Planning a wedding can create tension, and often that manifests itself in your neck and shoulders. A trained therapist will get all the knots out and melt away the tightness. They’ll also be able to give your head a relaxing massage; perfect relaxation for a busy bride-to-be.
  • Get your nails done. Hopefully you won’t be spending the weeks before your wedding biting your nails! Regardless of their condition, getting them professionally looked after is a great idea. It’s relaxing too, as all you have to do is sit there while someone clips and polishes; you could even offload your stresses. In addition to pampering yourself by trying different hairstyles like a French plait, why not pamper yourself with a French manicure and pedicure too? That’s included in our Beautiful Bride package: click here for details.
  • Take an overnight break. In the build-up to your wedding you are going to be dealing with a lot of people. Friends, family, wedding planners, caterers, dress fitters – the list goes on – so you need to set aside some time for yourself. Get away, even if it’s just for one night. Go for a long walk in the fresh air, eat dinner in peace, soak in the bath… whatever you need to do. This is the moment for you to enjoy the space and think clearly without others trying to influence you. It might sound simple, but taking a break can be the ultimate in self-pampering.


There you have it, your pre-wedding pampering plan! Start booking in a few of these treats, and enjoy the chance to relax before you walk down the aisle.