Brow Extensions

If you missed it the first time around – read on, for The Lanes Health & Beauty official reminder on Brow Extensions…

Brow Extensions – The Lanes Health & Beauty

The treatment: Eyebrow extensions are an innovative beauty treatment, perfect for those with sparse or gappy brows, or even those without ANY brows at all!

The result: Full, striking brows that not only frame your face, but accentuate your best features. (They take years off your appearance too.)

How do they work?

Brows are shaped by measuring the eye and its arch, providing symmetry to the face. The next step is choosing the correct colour.
Brow extensions are then applied individually using a surgical adhesive.

Do they look Natural?

Yes. The application method ensures that extensions move and respond like real hair.

Do they work for everyone?

Yes. The brow extension treatment can be applied to anyone, even women who have no brows at all. Whether your brows are naturally full with a couple of little gaps, or seriously over-plucked, this treatment will work.

How long do they last?

Two to four weeks, we recommend touch ups every 2 weeks to keep your brows looking their best.

Brow Extension Benefits:

Save invaluable time in the morning by eliminating the painful plucking ritual or the time consuming pencilling.

If you’re one of the many people that suffer from over plucked brows – your brows may be sparse or uneven – and maybe even scarred. Brow extensions help to resolve these issues, by giving you fuller, richer and thicker perfectly shaped brows that enhance your look with a natural beauty.

Brow Extensions for HD Brows Customers

Number one for HD Brows Brighton, the Lanes Health & Beauty recommend combining brow extensions with HD Brows treatments, so that brows are already luscious and natural looking before being sculpted to your perfect shape!

Already a HD Brows customer? Get in touch today – and see how we can enhance your natural beauty even further!

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