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Welcome to the second instalment of our pre-Christmas blogs from The Lanes Health & Beauty. All part of our continued mission to keep you looking and feeling fabulous as the holiday season approaches.

Step 2 – Gel Manicure

We recently announced the launch of our brand new gel manicure product Morgan Taylor – the NEW standard in professional Nail Lacquer. Infused with rare and precious elements. Pigments are saturated, pure and finely milled for luminous metallics, never before seen shimmers and glistening glitters. The result is a smooth, even, long-lasting colour with a stunning professional finish.

Lasting for at least 3 weeks, this is another must have pre-Christmas treatment to keep your nails feeling and looking their very best throughout December.

Gel Manicure – Facts:

1. Massaging both the nails and skin on your hands helps the renewal of important skin cells and helps nail growth leaving nails longer and stronger
2. Polishes form a protective layer for your nails against the daily damage that occurs.
3. Cuticles are part of your skin and act as a barrier or protection for the nail. Keeping them in good condition avoids the risk of them drying and cracking.
Gel Manicure – Benefits:

• Self-levelling polish removes unsightly ridges and bumps.
• 30 second drying time gives you diamond-hard gel nails.
• 3-week hold looks fresh until taken off.
• No smearing, chipping, smudging or scratching.
• Nail polish strengthens your natural nails.
• Gel nail polish is free of harmful chemicals.
So what are you waiting for – book your gel manicure with us today at The Lanes Health & Beauty.

Keep an eye out for our 3rd and final pre-Christmas blog coming soon. Helping you to stay looking gorgeous and feeling glamorous!