Get Gel Nails

Stop what you’re doing an read on immediately!!! Despite the weather – The Lanes Health & Beauty are back with another amazing offer to get you sparkling, shiny and sexy for July 2016…

The combined treat of a gel mani’ and gel pedi’ is now just £50 for both – (usually £75!) .. Whether you’re new to gels or not – check out LHB’s gel recap for all you need to know + why we’re number 1 for Gel Nails …

get gel nails

Get Gel Nails … LHB have it nailed !

The LHB Salon boasts eight therapists – all fully trained beauticians (With a minimum of 5 years’ experience – most having over 10 years)…

We stock over 300 colours of polishes and Gels…

LHB has six nail stations – (Four manicure and Two pedicure)

We welcome ‘walk-ins’ – (for all nail treatments)…

Well Gels!

Gels wear longer than regular polishes – typically lasting for two to three weeks, only needing attention because of natural growth near the cuticle.

Gels are more durable than regular nail polish and highly chip-resistant.

Gel Pedi’s dry instantly meaning you can instantly walk away from your pedi’ pampering…!

Gels act as protector and aid natural growth for your nails.

Gel Tech’

The latest technology allows the product to cure with Artistic Pro 30 LED Light in 30 seconds, compared to the traditional UV light that cure products in 2 minutes.

Damaging the nail with application or removal is also a thing of the past. Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Colour can be easily removed with Artistic Nail Product Remover in 10-12 minutes!

The range includes a core colour gloss range of over 140 crème’s, glitters, shimmers, metallic, classics and neon’s and is added to seasonally with new colours.

get gel nails

Looking to get gel nails in Brighton – then look no further.. LHB have the trained experience + 100’s of tones and styles to choose from – call today and get the best gel nails Brighton has to offer…

LHB – 01273 725572