HD Brows for Men

Back to the guys this time around, for our blog instalment of all things beautiful – with the ‘focus’ this time on HD Brows for men…

This technical treatment has become something of the norm since it’s creation, and is an absolute must for those wishing to look their best.

Think about it – eyes are the essential focus point for all communication between us. Such a small part of our bodies can make us look happy, sad or even tired! This is the rationale for framing them perfectly with HD Brows for men…

Not only do mens HD brows enhance the eyes – they also frame the entire face, helping take years off your appearance and ensuring symmetry for the most looked at part of the anatomy.

Did you know?

You can achieve your perfect natural HD Brow in only a few treatments…

HD Brows for Men – Why Come To Us?

The Lanes Health & Beauty have been helping clients look amazing with HD Brows for 5 years. We have two therapists fully booked with the treatment and plan on dedicating a treatment room specifically just for HD Brows, giving us three HD stations in total… We think that this lets our work speak for itself.

Not only are we exceptionally experienced with delivering the treatment – we will not go anywhere near the hideous unnatural powdered shapes that some have recently been seen sporting!

HD Brows are affordable, low maintenance and are perfect for those with over-grown or over-plucked brows. The HD Brows treatment consists of a seven-stage process that gives you perfect brows, transforming your look. Achieving HD Brows includes tinting, waxing and threating using a specialist technique in order to create the perfect shape.

Come on guys, look the best you can for the you and the one you love with HD Brows for men… Click here for our dedicated treatment page including prices and treatment specifics.

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