HD eyebrows

Staying with the eyes and following on nicely from our LVL blog – we’re now letting those that don’t know about HD eyebrows what you need to know!

Forget the misconceptions around this detailed and bespoke beauty treatment – and let the Lanes Health & Beauty educate and inspire as to why this is a must have for both guys and girls!

HD eyebrows – LHB Insider Info

Let LHB remove the myths and ‘fill you in’ on how it works and what to expect…


hd Eyebrows


Did you know?

Eyebrows are responsible for expressing 70% of your emotions – and with the right shape (and colour) can help to take years off your appearance.

Forget the horror stories!

Ever noticed that celebrities always seem to have the perfect arch and beautiful brow? It’s extremely likely you’re looking at HD eyebrows…

LHB have been at the forefront of HD Brow treatments since their creation – and have earnt a reputation for providing the best that Brighton has to offer…

How do they actually work?

The first step is a consultation, taking into consideration your facial structure and hair colour. We then advise on brow arches, thickness and colour tints. What follows is a 7 step treatment, featuring tinting, waxing and threading, with our LHB stylists using a unique formula to give you perfectly defined brows.

Will they really look good on me?

YES – HD eyebrows can be dark or light, thick or thin, sharp or soft.

The treatment transforms even unruly, sparse or over plucked brows into glorious High Definition.

Who actually has them?

Penélope Cruz has declared she ‘only wants HD eyebrows‘, Eva Longoria is a convert. Rihanna has instagrammed a pic of herself and her HD Brows Palette, and Dame Helen Mirren is a fan.

hd eyebrows



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Our genuine reviews speak for themselves – don’t be shy, call us today on 01273 725572 and book your consultation…. And let LHB give you beautiful HD eyebrows to die for…

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