Hot Stone Massage

Lanes Health & Beauty – Hot Stone Massage 

The Lanes Health and Beauty has four main treatment rooms, each individually decorated with your relaxation in mind. The Hot Stone Massage we offer here at The Lanes Health and Beauty will take you to a place beyond relaxation as well as focusing on your well-being and health.

The Hot Stones Massage is an ancient level of treatment that uses various massage techniques with the combination of warm stones and cold stones. The stones radiate heat throughout the body allowing a deeper, intense massage. The Hot Stones Massage has previously been described as a sensual, unwinding tranquil experience.

What should I expect?

Here, at The Lanes Health and Beauty we use a combination of hands on and Hot Stones Massage that targets muscular aches and pains. We use suitable massage oil specifically for you in order for you to reach the height of relaxation. The warm stones are placed on your body to relax the muscles. Through the release of tension in the muscles, this can result in other factors of your life and health improving.

As well as having benefits skin deep, the Hot Stones Massage also positively effects many systems of the body including; circulatory, muscular, nervous and nourishes and promotes cell hydration. In addition to the benefit to some of the main body’s systems it also neutralises negative energy as the stones are placed in specific areas on your body. This balances the energy centres of the body.

If you have already experienced a Hot Stone Massage you will be familiar with the feeling after the massage. However, if you are yet to try the Hot Stone Massage we can assure you will notice the effects immediately feeling refreshed, stress-free and relaxed.