How often should you wash your hair?

Most of us shower or bathe daily, but should we be washing our hair each time too? Some people seem to be washing their hair the whole time, while others can go weeks on end without touching a drop of shampoo. The issue of hair washing frequency is rather complex, depending on a range of different factors, as well as personal preference. To help you ensure shiny, clean-looking hair at all times here’s our guide to that perennial question: how often should you wash your hair?

Hair care routine

The answer to how often should you wash your hair depends in part on how you do it. Different hair care products leave different residue in the hair so the heavier your shampoo and conditioner, the less frequently they should be used. Overall, the usual hair washing routine should include one or two rinses with a good quality shampoo, conditioning with a product suitable for your hair type and styling. Always pat dry and never rub your hair with a towel – this is the ultimate frizz and breakage generator! And if you can avoid using hot styling tools every single day, your locks will thank you since you’re keeping them away from heat damage.

Learning the answers to how often should you wash your hair and other basic hair-washing questions is important, so you can tailor your hair cleansing routine in order to keep your locks looking soft and healthy at all times. And this also depends on the type of hair you have, so check the guide below and get shampooing!

Hair type

One of the big differences between those who can last a week without shampooing and those who can’t is their natural type of hair. And since no two heads of hair are exactly alike, there’s no general rule of how many days you should leave in between washes, so the best idea is to do a bit of trial and error to see what works best for your hair. Check your hair type below for guidance:

  • Fine hair: the thinner the hair, the greasier it usually gets, also losing its shape pretty fast, so washing every day is a must. Avoid over conditioning the roots, since they are more prone to becoming oily when you have fine hair. Also, try choosing products with lighter formulas, that won’t weight the hair down.
  • Thick hair: wash every two to three days and use products with moisturising formulas, containing argan oil or shea butter to pack in all the moisture. Also, brush often from roots to ends, so the hair’s natural oils can make their way down your locks.
  • Oily hair: wash every other day, to help stabilise the overproduction of oil, and avoid conditioning the roots of your hair. Also, choose products with gentle cleansing ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oil.
  • Straight hair: washing the hair every other day is more than fine to keep it healthy and smooth. As straight hair lacks texture, it usually gets stringy and greasy much quicker than a curly hair type, so use lighter products enriched with sea salt and coconut oil to give it body and shine.
  • Curly hair: textured hair lasts longer without a wash, so shampooing every three or four days is usually more than enough to keep your curls bouncy and moisturised. Also, a great tip for healthy and defined curls is to comb your conditioner through in the shower – products containing argan and coconut oils are the best to maintain texture.

And don’t forget that, when adapting your hair wash routine to your hair type, you also have to consider some extra care when you have coloured hair, since you want to avoid the colour from fading. Choose sulphate-free and paraben-free products and invest in formulas with keratin and protein, which help restructure the hair while keeping the colour bright.