How to get that beach-ready look

Everyone loves the summer – beer gardens, warm nights, green parks and most importantly, beautiful beaches. There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing in the sunshine with friends. For some of us, getting to this level of relaxation, however, takes quite a lot of work. At the beach we want to look our absolute best, and even though we are almost in August, there’s still time to get that beach-ready look you’ve been thinking of since January!

From the freshest hairstyle to the most fashionable accessories, here are our top eight tips to get the perfect summer look:

  1. Use a braid to tame your hair

In preparation for salty, frizz-provoking sea water, style your hair into a Dutch braid or another glamorous up-do that will keep you feeling and looking cool all day on the beach. If your hair is neatly tied in the form of one or a couple of braids, you will feel cooler when tanning in the sun and will also avoid the heaviness of wet hair when diving underwater. Plus, if you wait long enough for your braided hair to air-dry, you might end up with the perfect beach waves!

  1. Bring the anti-frizz spray

If your hair does have a tendency to go a bit wild in salty water, make sure you come armed with some good quality anti-frizz spray. A nice smelling leave-in conditioner should also do the trick. And if you’re planning on having a beach-only holiday for several consecutive days, make sure you keep your haircare on fleek during that time. Avoid using heat styling tools, keep your strands moisturised and don’t forget both hair and scalp need sunscreen too!

  1. A bit of fake tan covers everything

Want to bare all on the beach, but feel a bit self-conscious of your too-fair-for-summer skin tone? Fake tan beforehand using the gradual build-up moisturisers. These give a good healthy glow to your body and avoid the need for intensive sunbed sessions. This way, your skin will have a great foundation for the natural tan to set on once you start your beach holiday. Plus, if you want to feel super confident with your body when you bare all, and you want to lose a few inches from your hips before doing so, try this wonder treatment.

  1. Get yourself a wide-brimmed floppy hat

Channel 1950s movie-star glamour and protect the skin on your face/neck by getting yourself a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat. These are a god-send for the really hot hours in the middle of the day, when even sunscreen isn’t going to afford sufficient protection. Straw hats are really trending now and you can go for the classic natural colour or try something bolder with stripes or a red shade – keep yourself stylish while protected from UV rays.

  1. Good quality sunglasses are a must

Be sure to prepare for the beach by getting yourself some stylish sunglasses that will also protect your precious retinas from sun damage. Besides being the must-have accessory for the beach, they also keep ultraviolet light from getting into your eyes and onto the lids and skin around them. You will also be more comfortable while wearing them, as the UV-filtering lenses cut down brightness and glare.

  1. Use lemon juice for natural highlights

Heading to the beach and want that sun-kissed look? For those with naturally fair hair you could try a bit of lemon juice. In a spray bottle, mix juice from one lemon with water and spray your hair every night during the holidays – with a bit of added sunshine it should give your locks that beautiful golden colour. After a few days in the sun, your Dutch braid hairstyle will look even cooler with lighter and darker strands intertwined.

  1. Water-proof makeup is your friend

If you want dramatic lashes and a glowing skin at the beach, invest in water-proof makeup so you can swim in the sea to your heart’s content or even just lie under the sun without having a care in the world about sweat. Overall, the summer season calls for less makeup, so consider dropping the powders and heavy foundations – use only products which can handle heat and humidity. Go for a creamy concealer to cover any imperfections, a tinted moisturiser with SPF, creamy shadows and blushes, and gel-based lipsticks.

  1. Embrace your flaws

Preparing to head out in a bikini can be a bit daunting at the best of times. Whatever you do, don’t stress too much about how you look! Do whatever you can to feel fabulous, but at the end of the day simply have confidence in your own skin and that will shine through – glowing far more than any tan.

There are lots of different things you can do get a beach-ready look. From a cheeky bit of fake tan to putting your hair in a stylish Dutch braid, it’s pretty simple to be protected, comfortable and stylish at the beach. Just follow a few of these tips and simply go out and enjoy some summer fun!