How to repair damaged hair

As summer sets in, we all want our swishing hair to be all about gloss and shine. But, sometimes that takes a little bit of work. Hair can get damaged for lots of reasons and if yours isn’t looking too great right now, it’s time to sort things out.

Read on for our top eight tips on how to repair damaged hair, including our favourite hair treatments for damaged hair.

  1. Get some professional advice: Above all else, if your hair is damaged you need to work out the cause and deal with that. Doing a little research here can help. Try looking at online resources for possible causes of hair damage and hair treatments for damaged hair (find more information here) and, if needs be, head to the salon for some professional advice.
  2. Gentle colouring only: A common cause of damaged hair is the harsh chemicals that come in dyes, so if your locks are feeling the strain of too much colouring hold back for a little while. Just embrace your natural colour for now.
  3. Olive oil: For all those with tight curls, something a bit more heavy-duty may be required for damaged hair. Olive oil is a tried and tested method for giving great condition and shine to voluminous and thicker hair. Use cautiously at first and avoid extra-virgin oils, but this can be a very effective fixer.
  4. Hair masks: One of the best treatments for damaged hair is a thick and creamy hair mask. These are essentially heavy conditioners usually advised for weekly use. However, if you have extremely dry hair or nasty split ends, give your locks a moisture boost by using a good quality hair mask once a day for a week. You’ll see results pretty soon after that.
  5. Protect from the sun: If you achieve beautiful, shiny hair in time for summer, don’t let the UV rays ruin it. Protect your locks from damage by using a hat and consider heat protecting products. Just a little spritz before you head to the beach could ward off long-term damage.
  6. Trim regularly: Damaged locks are often simply not cut recently enough, so one of the quickest and easiest hair treatments for damaged hair is to just get it cut. Head out to your stylist and make sure they chop off those split ends ASAP.
  7. Avoid heat-styling tools: We all know that using straighteners or curling irons can do damage, so if you’re already seeing the impact of these tools in your hair, lay off them for a while. Go for luscious curly or wavy looks instead with plenty of moisturiser and a little hair spray to keep it in place.
  8. Eat those vitamins: Your hair is what you eat so another of our favourite hair treatments for damaged hair is simply to eat more greens and nutritious foods that will give you gloss. Go for a balanced, varied, and mainly plant-based diet for best results.

There are lots of great treatments for damaged hair, so don’t worry if you’ve got dreaded frizz or frustrating split ends. Follow our handy guide and enjoy gorgeous, shiny hair all year long.