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Blog 2 for a beautifully brisk and sunny October is putting the flutter back where it belongs. Lash extensions are now an everyday accessory for yummy mummies and working girls alike.

Gone are the days of poor quality monstrosities dangling from your eyelids – and here to stay are professional, natural looking (and feeling) silk extensions, enhancing your very own lashes to stunning perfection.

Lash Extensions Q&A:

LHB take not just their customer experience seriously, but also their safety. Here we hope to answer any niggles that you may have and cast away any myths surrounding this now ‘must have’ treatment.

Q: How long does it take?
A: A full set of Semi-Permanent Lashes takes just one and a half hours to apply – a half set is just 45 minutes.

Q: Will they cause my own lashes any damage?
A: No – if applied correctly by professionals. Only trust a salon that is qualified to apply lash extensions. Actual professionals will only use professional products – and are highly trained to apply extensions without causing damage to your natural lashes or eyes.

Q: Will the glue cause a bad reaction to my skin or eyes?
A: The Lanes Health & Beauty always patch test extension adhesive 48 hours before treatment, to ensure you have no negative reaction or sensitivity to professional products used as part of the treatment.

Q: How long do they last?
A: Pretty much as long as your lashes do … clients typically return for maintenance every two to three weeks in order to replace extensions that have naturally shed as part of your own lashes ‘shedding cycle’.

Q: What will they actually look like?
A: However you want them to! LHB will select extensions by working with measurement of curl and thickness. This ensures that the extensions closely resemble your existing lashes. We have an extensive range of lash extensions to suit the length and structure of all lashes.

Q: Will they look good first thing or when I’m working out?
A: Yep – extensions will stay in place while you sleep or go to the gym. They even stand full on exposure to water, so swimming is on the can-do list…

Q: What are Russian Lashes?
A: Russian lash extensions are ‘grouped’ individual lashes – not to be confused with cluster lashes. Three or four synthetic mink lashes are adhered to a single lash hence the names 3D or 4D lashes…

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions @ LHB

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