Spray Tan

Welcome to the first of our ‘12 blogs of Christmas’ – where we’ll be giving you the essential health and beauty insider info’ to keep you looking and feeling amazing at this very special time of year…

Kicking off with the spray tan – this godsend treatment is now at its seasonal peak, with our sporadic ‘summer sun’ being it’s furthest away!

Sunless tanning has come a long way since its arrival in the 60’s… Coppertone were the first to introduce the very first consumer sunless tanning lotion called “Quick Tan” – which worked as an overnight tanning agent. However, the results left with people with a streaky unnatural finish, including bright orange palms!

These artificial and downright odd-looking results still resonate in people’s minds today – leaving some to associate a spray tan with that fake looking orange glow!

However, cosmetic advances and treatment technologies have made these horror stories a thing of the past…

Spray Tan – the way it should be…

Here at The Lanes Health & Beauty, we only use the industries top two spray tan technologies. St Tropez and Sienna-X

Our St Tropez treatment is exactly that – a ‘treatment’. Be assured that you won’t be herded in and out against the clock. Our 30-minute spray tan treatment always consists of a double spray of the finest mist, to ensure a smooth, even application, resulting in a long lasting natural look, that will wear off gradually, without the dreaded patches!

St Tropez colour develops within hours – and looks as natural as the results of the sun itself. In addition to the ‘classic’ St Tropez, we also offer the St Tropez ‘dark’ tan – which is three shades darker for a full on bronze.

spray tan

All spray tan treatments are bespoke to you – we’ll asses the perfect tone for your skin and hair type and then apply as appropriate. This will consist of a close or more distant application – both of which realising an even coverage due to the fine dispersion.

Spray Tan Tips: LHB

  • Ensure that a patch test is performed should you have sensitive skin (LHB will always insist upon this)
  • Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment
  • Preparation = perfection… The smoother the canvas, the better the application… waxing, shaving and body scrubs (24 hours in advance) will give your skin the best chance to naturally accommodate a spray tan…

Want to get the professional glow this Christmas, then look no further than The Lanes Health & Beauty

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