Wax Hair Removal

Whether we like to admit it or not – ALL of us have unwanted hair… Hair removal by its very nature is a personal treatment – and the types of treatments available are far and wide… Wax hair removal can sometimes have a bad press and is easily associated with pain and anguish. This however, is simply not the case!

LHB have helped clients control and tame their unruly follicles for many years – and would like to impart these years of ‘hands on’ experience to eradicate the painful myths around this super effective hair removal option…!

Wax Hair Removal

Wax Hair Removal – Facts not Fiction…

Double Whammy

Waxing provides hair removal AND exfoliation…  it leaves skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated due to it removing dead cells from the surface of your skin.

Smooth & silky

Waxing removes hairs from the root, meaning that hair can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to reappear.

Damage Limitation

Unlike hair-removal creams or shaving, waxing won’t cause cuts, pigmentation, or badly smelling skin. There are no harsh chemicals used for wax hair reoval, so skin does not suffer any damaging effect.

So Fine

Hair that grows after waxing is finer and softer, unlike rough / hard regrowth following shaving. Also, waxing won’t cause stubble that you always see one day after shaving!

No Pain No Gain

Really does not apply – professional waxing is more tingles than tears…

Wax Hair Removal @ LHB

Here at LHB all our therapists have a minimum 5 years’ waxing experience, using both the ‘Clean & Easy’ waxing system and ‘Hot Wax’ (for sensitive areas).

If you’re still uncertain about what to expect or how to enhance wax hair removal – then scan our waxing bible as follows for ultimate results and comfort…

Pre Wax:

Ensure that hair is minimum of 1\2 cm long to achieve best results

Wear loose underwear for intimate waxing and loose clothing for all other areas

Exfoliate prior to a wax to lift and remove any in-growing hairs

Immediate after care:

Keep the area clean and dry

Wear loose clothing

Ensure you are not exposed to high levels of heat

Avoid showering for 24hrs post treatment

Do not apply perfumed lotions to the treated area

Post Wax:

Avoid heat treatments for 24 – 48 hours (sauna – steam – gym – baths – sunbeds)

Avoid wearing tight clothing

Avoid making contact with the treated area

Exfoliate after one week of your treatment and continue to do so once a week to minimise in-growing hairs.

Re-book your next waxing Brighton treatment for every 4-6 weeks to help your hair cycle to establish its regular pattern (Approximately four treatments will ensure your hair growth runs to its natural cycle and will in turn provide optimum waxing results).

Wax hair removal as it should be at The Lanes Health & Beauty…

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