Brighton Massage

At The Lanes Health and Beauty we have created a place where you can enjoy your treatments and indulge in ultimate relaxation. We believe that massages are not just to enjoy, they are important for your health and well-being. At The Lanes Health and Beauty, we have a variety of Brighton massage on offer improving various different things. These are all thought up with your pleasure and well-being in mind. We want you to feel at home so that you can be as relaxed as possible, and therefore we offer complementary refreshments. We are sure that there will be one to suit you.

Brighton Massage Treatments:

Aroma Massage: The Aromatherapy Brighton Massage is especially known to treat headaches, calm stress, improve digestive disorders and improve back pain. For the massage your therapist will use specifically selected essential oils. The essentials oils are made from trees, plants and flowers. The massage will promote the oils being absorbed into the skin; the oil is good for different healing properties. This massage focuses mainly on healing the body, through the essential oils and promoting and healthy body and mind.

Hot Stones Massage: The Hot Stones Brighton Massage we offer here focuses on relieving deep, muscular tension from the hot stones. The heated stones are placed on specific areas of your back allowing the muscles to relax. The therapist then uses essential oils to work into deeper layers of the muscles. Hot Stones Massage can positively affect some of the bodies main systems such as, muscular, circulatory and nervous. This massage will leave you feeling immediately refreshed.

G5 Massage: The G5 Brighton Massage is a deep tissue massage well known for cellulite control. This massage is done with a small hand held machine that has a total of five changeable heads. The hand held machine is worked around your chosen areas in circular motions smoothing out the skin improving the contouring of the skin and cellulite. The G5 massage increase blood circulation and blood flow.

Hydrotherapy Spa Bath: The Hydrotherapy Spa Bath is a set of underwater jets in a heated bath that targets muscular pains and aches. This Brighton massage has been used as part of a physiotherapy programme for recovering patients. The jets vary in pressure and temperature; this increases blood circulation and flow. Sit back, and relax.

Indian Head Massage: This is a treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. This Brighton massage is effective for reducing tension headaches and migraines. Headaches can occur when there is stiffness in the neck and top of the back. This massage releases this tension and reduces the headache/migraine. The massage uses techniques of circular but firm, rhythmic movements reducing the pressure in the scalp, neck, shoulders and back.

Chocolate Massage: If you are a chocolate lover, then you have found your perfect massage. At The Lanes Health and Beauty, we offer you a massage good enough to eat! This Brighton massage uses a cream called Karin Herzog chocolate monoi with a hint of coconut. The Karin Kerzog chocolate monoi with the hint of coconut is an amazing detox whilst also making your skin amazingly smooth. This treatment will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and special and make you smell amazing!

Here, at The Lanes Health and Beauty, we offer an extensive range of massages to relieve you of your worries and stress. We are confident that there is at least one Brighton massage that will suit you. So, why miss out? Pop in today to talk to us, or ring us up to discuss any inquires. Why not have the most relaxing afternoon of your life?