HD Brows

Eyebrows are unique from person to person. Colour, shape and size, our eyebrows are all different. Eyebrows can help with face recognition, help to strengthen and define facial structure. Eyebrows are in control of expressing 70% of your emotions therefore are a key facial element. With the right brow shape and colour, it can contribute to taking years off your face.

Everybody has been there. We have all tried to model our eyebrows on that one celebrity who always seems to have that perfect arch that everyone craves. Now, we too can achieve this with the affordable, low maintenance HD Brows treatment. Over-grown or over-plucked the HD Brows treatment (high definition brow treatment) is the perfect solution for anybody. This consists of a seven- stage process that gives you the perfect eyebrows, transforming your look. Achieving HD Brows includes tinting, waxing and threating using a specialist technique in order to create the perfect shape.

HD Brows – Lanes Health & Beauty

In order for you to achieve perfection, we will firstly give you a consultation taking into consideration your facial structure and hair colour. From this we will advise you on advisable brow arches, thickness’s, colour tints. If you are a customer that wants to maintain the structure of your HD Brows depending on how fast your hair grows, on average you will need a treatment every four weeks. The affordable price of the HD Brows treatment allows you to carry on with the treatment every four weeks and stop any natural growth.

If you are a returning customer to our service of HD Brows, you will know all about the maintenance of your new HD Brows. However, if this is just a one off treat for you, we hope, like our past customers, you will be back for many other treatments in the future! We advise that for all new customers a tint test is required 24 hours prior to appointment, incase of allergies.

At The Lanes Health and Beauty, if you have five treatments with us, you get £10 off your sixth treatment. So why would you go anywhere else? Why would you just have a one off treatment, when we have a loyalty card anyway? Treat yourself, make it a habit and maintain those eyebrows!

If you have any questions about the HD Brows treatment or booking in for your tint test or any other of our treatments we offer at The Lanes Health and Beauty. Please do not hesitate to pop in, browse through our website or contact us to find out more information.