Crystal Clear Beauty Flash

Almost half way through August and although most of this week’s weather has felt more like February, when the sun is out – it’s hot hot hot…!

As a result, most of us tend to make the most of good weather (when it appears) and get outside to soak up the rays. As great as it feels to be sun-kissed, the effects of harsh sun on our skin can be truly devastating.

This is why this month our exclusive special offer is the Crystal Clear ‘beauty flash’ with oxygen £30 normally £40 … (T&C Apply)

  • Crystal Clear Beauty FlashSince its inception in 1995, Crystal Clear has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of hi-tech beauty technology and skin care products.
  • Crystal Clear’s success is due to commitment to the research & development of new products, with a passion for providing exceptional treatments that deliver outstanding results.
  • A string of recent celebrity endorsements has also reinforced Crystal Clear Skincare’s position as the preferred “Beauty Treatment to the Stars!”

Crystal Clear Beauty Flash – The Lanes Health & Beauty

The Crystal Clear Beauty Flash is the perfect introduction to Crystal Clear. The treatment involves an advanced exfoliation, followed by a vacuum lift to create lifting and toning. This is followed by an eye contour massage using an Eye Contour Pen.

The treatment is perfectly suitable for both men and women – and taking just 30 minutes, means you can come and see us for a lunch-hour rejuvenation. Cast out dead skin cells, soften lines and refine open pores.

The Lanes Health & Beauty offer the full range of Crystal Clear Skincare treatments and any combination of treatments can be prescribed for your specific needs.

crystal clear revitalising tonic

As you’ll have seen in our August newsletter’s Beauty Tips – By using a hydrating spray over your skin, even over the top of your make up, will keep the dreaded dehydration at bay. Try the Crystal Clear revitalising tonic, a must to keep on you at all times!

Contact us today to confirm availability, for a lunch-hour special at The Lanes with a Crystal Clear Beauty Flash… You will not be disappointed!

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