Eyebrow Extensions – The Lanes Health & Beauty

Welcome to our 1st Blog of 2015 from the Lanes Health & Beauty… 2014 was a fantastic year – and 2015 looks set to be even better!

We are proud to announce the first of three new treatments from The Lanes Health & Beauty for 2015…

Eyebrow Extensions – The Lanes Health & Beauty

Whether you’ve heard of this amazing new treatment, or if it’s new to you – read on for the full lowdown.

  • Eyebrow Extensions – How do they work?

Firstly, brows are shaped. The shape is created by measuring the eye and its arch, providing symmetry to the face. The next step is choosing the correct colour.

Eyebrow extensions are then applied individually using a surgical adhesive. The application method ensures that extensions move and respond like real hair.

  • How Long Do They Last?

Eyebrow extensions last between 2 to 4 weeks. We advise two weekly touch ups to keep them looking their best.

  • What are the benefits?

This revolutionary treatment saves invaluable time in the morning – eliminating the ritual of shaping by plucking or pencilling etc.

Many of us suffer from over plucked brows, leading to sparse or uneven brows – this can also mean scarring of the brow area. Eyebrow extensions will resolve these issues by giving you fuller, richer and thicker perfectly shaped brows that enhance your look with a natural beauty.

Eyebrow Extensions Q&A

Q. Will eyebrow extensions damage my existing brows?
A. No, the treatment of individual application means that they will naturally grow out causing no harm to existing brows.

Q. What are eyebrow extensions made of?
A. Eyebrow extensions are made from synthetic fibre or natural hair.

Q. Can I go swimming with eyebrow extensions?
A. Yes, simply wait 24 hours from the time of treatment.

Q. How long do eyebrow extensions last?
A. 2 to 4 weeks. We recommend infills every 2 weeks.

Q. Can I have eyebrow extensions with HD Brows?
A. Yes, we recommend these two treatments together.

Eyebrow extensions & HD Brows

As we all know – HD Brows give you beautifully defined brows to die for. Now, we can help even further, by ensuring that before sculpting your perfect shape – brows are luscious and natural looking from the outset.

These two treatments work so incredibly well – it’s as though they were made for one another!

If you already benefit from the HD Brow treatment – then get in touch today and find out how we can enhance you looks even further, with this hot new treatment coming soon to The Lanes Health & Beauty…

That’s all for now – but stay tuned for our next 2 blogs, which will announce the launch of more cutting edge beauty treatments coming soon to the Lanes Health & Beauty.