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Hot Waxing – The Lanes Health & Beauty

As you’ll already know – The Lanes Health & Beauty are number one for Waxing Brighton. And now, we’re digging a little deeper, to give you the low-down on why you should consider our hot wax hair removal treatment.

Hot Waxing – How It Works

Working at a slightly higher temperature, hot waxing makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove. Hot wax stiffens on the skin, allowing it to be peeled off quickly to remove hairs. As you would imagine – the hot wax heats the skin, opening up pores and the hair follicles – naturally helping hair removal.

Hot Waxing – Benefits

  • Hot waxing clings to hair as it dries reducing skin irritation
  • It’s less painful than the ‘strip’ alternative
  • Hot Waxing is better at removing shorter hairs
  • Hair re-growth is finer
  • It doesn’t leave sticky residue like warm wax
  • It’s better suited to those with sensitive skin
  • There’s less reddening on the skin following hot waxing
Hot Waxing – Types

There are many weird and wonderful types of hot wax. Ranging from scented rose, all the way to chocolate! Some also have extra ingredients for skin benefits.

Hot Waxing – Treatment Advice
  • Hair can be waxed as long as it is half a centimetre or more.
  • Before your hot waxing, we recommend you avoid using any body oils on the same day.
  • Three days ahead of your wax, try ex foliating the area to prepare the hair.
  • Where possible, try to avoid shaving the area for hot wax hair removal. This can help to re-strengthen the roots and sabotage all your hot waxing efforts to reduce hair regrowth.

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