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From skin to lashes and now to nails … volume 3 of December’s beauty blogs tells you why LHB are number one for a gel mani’ – and how we do it!

No matter what we tell ourselves, everyone notices your nails… like a man and their shoes, your nails say a lot about you.

We’ve been helping clients achieve nail perfection since we opened in 2002. This enables us to not only deliver gel mani’s like no other practitioners – but has also given us more knowledge than you can imagine, all of which is passed on to clients to ensure the highest level of nail beauty care…


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Gel Mani’ – Artistic Nail Design


Our chosen gel of choice at LHB is Artistic Nail Design. This fabulous product was created by nail product developers and the nail artists to the stars, to fill the gap in the professional nail market for a gel polish brand designed specifically for the true ‘Artist at heart’.

Artistic Nail Design is headed by World Champion nail artist Alisha Rimando Botero. Who has over 18 years’ experience in education and product development in the nail industry.

We proudly always have in stock the bang up to date seasonal and on trend ranges – with over 150 colours to choose from –  and will consult with you to find the perfect tonal match for your skin colour and your wardrobe…

Gel Manis’ – are they safe?

It’s been quoted by Karen Rowan of MyHealthNewsDaily that “Nail salon lamps don’t increase skin cancer risk”

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LED Vs UV drying lights:


LED: the Light Emitting Diode. LED is a low energy bulb with the capacity to produce small amounts of light. When tested against the phototherapy lamps in the Markova study, researchers found that a person would need over 40,000 ten minute sessions under an LED nail lamp to sustain the same radiation produced in one phototherapy session. This is the equivalent of getting a gel manicure once a week for over 769 years.

LED lamps cure the gel faster (30 seconds Vs 2 minutes). This ensures that your hands are not subjected to minutes-long exposure under UV.

Here at LHB, we utilise Artistic Pro 30 LED lamps for Gel Mani drying perfection…

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These amazing bits of beauty kit will dry you gel mani’ to perfection in just 30 seconds…

Stuck for time, or stuck on choosing colours to match your style – then contact LHB today, for the best gel mani’ in town…

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