Gel Pedi

Blog 4 following nicely on from all you need to know about LHB’s Gel Mani’s is the ‘lowdown’ on our Gel Pedi’s

There’s no better feeling than knowing all areas of your body are treated to perfection – even if it’s only you and your nearest and dearest that have visibility during the winter months!

The Lanes Health & Beauty have been creating happy and beautiful feet for over 13 years and not only stock the latest range of Artistic Nail Design colours (with over 150 to choose from). But also will perform your gel pedi from the luxury of our bespoke pedicure chairs in salon.

gel pedi

The beauty of gel pedi’s is that colours instantly set – meaning you can literally get up and go once our super-fast LED lamps have set your nails. So, no limping around with spacers in between the toes – it’s shoes on and hot to trot! The chosen tone of Artistic Gel is bonded to your nails giving a long lasting dazzling shine finish.

gel pedi

Gel Pedi’ – Benefits:

  • Gels wear considerably longer than nail polish – saving valuable time at the festive time of year – typically lasting for two to three weeks, needing attention only because of the natural growth of the nail near the cuticle.
  • Gels are significantly more durable than nail polish and highly chip-resistant.
  • Gel Pedi’s dry instantly making smudges and track marks a things of the past.

gel mani

Gel Pedi Treatment – LHB

After your base coat, we’ll apply two coats of polish, followed by the topcoat. These coats are broken up by intervals, using an LED lamp. Toes are under our LED lamps each time for around 60-80 seconds.

The entire process of our Gel pedicure takes about 25-30 minutes, which will seem like no time at all in the luxury of our salon surroundings.

We always recommend that you book your next appointment before you leave, so that one of our professional technicians removes your gel polish. (Removal of the gel only takes our technicians about nine or ten minutes).

Convinced? – You should be…

Contact LHB today for your gel pedi’ and make sure you’re looking and feeling great from head to toe!

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