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Blog 5 on keeping you beautiful over the party season is one that until recent times was only a treatment for the rich and famous! However, beauty moves with the times and with innovation comes efficiency, meaning that a professional facial is now available to one and all…

LHB Facial Salon…

Here at LHB we’ve been at the forefront of beauty since the turn of the century – and being ahead of the game insists on being faithful to your roots. Like many things, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. So, let LHB guide you towards the essentials for facial perfection and educate as to why we’re Brighton’s number one facial salon.

The not so much of a secret to good skin is sun protection factor and exfoliation…  Sounds simple – and half of it is. But professional exfoliation insists upon a professional service.

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LHB Facial Experts…

Skin starts showing the first signs of ageing from 25. It becomes thinner, blood circulation deteriorates and the natural production of collagen and elastin begins to slow. This results in skin losing its firmness and elasticity.

This natural ageing process starts from the inside out and is accelerated by external factors, such as UV light, air conditioning, stress and stimulants, such as alcohol and tobacco.

LHB : Anti-Ageing / Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion consists of fine crystals that gently resurface and exfoliate. Transforming dull, dehydrated skin and treating fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. The crystals encourage new collagen and elastin formation, firming the skin and boosting cellular renewal.

This celebrity favourite facial provides visible results after just one session – and any combination of treatments can be prescribed for specific skin needs.

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Starting at just £20 a session (taking just 15 minutes), opens it up to all pocket sizes on a regular basis. We always recommend a continued course of treatments every 4 to 6 weeks, to help stay on top of the removal of dead skin cells, and give the ‘baby cells’ their best chance to reach the outside world!

Not only will this affordable pampering feel and look amazing in an instant – it actually provides better penetration for any creams and lotions and will even give the guys a closer shave due to the removal of dead skin!

Want to try it for yourself – call LHB today for your facial consultation and see how our facial salon can provide a visible difference in just 15 minutes!

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