Party Lashes

Instalment 6 of our seasonal beauty blogs is focusing on what can make or break a night – party lashes. These ever-so handy instant fix lashes will keep you looking great from the moment you arrive, until you hail a taxi home…

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We’ve all seen the dreadful results of DIY lashes that don’t fit or hang by a thread in a warm environment. Let LHB take the stress and fiddle away – and provide confidence in your party lashes that will dazzle and seduce…

Party Lashes: Ardell @ LHB


LHB only utilise Ardell lashes for party lash perfection … Advocated by a string of global make-up artists’ – these are the ones to watch for lashes that make the eyes smile…

“Ardell is a staple in makeup applications. I’ve been using them since I started doing makeup”

“I just LOVE Ardell lashes! I’ve been using Ardell since I started doing makeup, they are a staple in the makeup business.”

“I’ve used Ardell lashes on many of my celebrity clients for red carpet appearances, and music tours”

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LHB will advise on your best match of lash, from short, medium or long. Ranges of thicknesses are also available + where necessary we will cut lashes to size – which ensures the perfect fit and no unsightly overhang…

The treatment itself takes just 15 minutes – and costs a mere £20, making it regularly accessible to everyone.

party lashes

Ardell Party Lash: Benefits

  • Last up to 10 days
  • No mascara required
  • Cause no damage to natural lashes
  • Very inexpensive

Ardell party lashes will give you the wow factor at any occasion, so contact The Lanes Health & Beauty today for your pre-party essential lashes…

LHB – 01273 725572