Following nicely on and counting ‘down’ from our Russian Lashes promo, is blog number 9 from LHB… This time around giving you all you need to know why The Lanes’ is number one for Threading.

If you didn’t know already – this relatively new to the UK treatment is available at The Lanes Health & Beauty, all from the luxury and discretion of our dedicated treatment room… Say goodbye to the open-air public viewing of hair removal and say hello to threading the way it should be!

Threading at The Lanes’ is delivered with time, care and professionalism. We clean the area to be treated thoroughly prior to threading taking place and once the magic has been worked – we’ll spritz your skin using Crystal Clear toner. This provides hydration for the skin, which also soothes and calms…

Threading at LHB:

• Makes ingrown hairs a thing of the past …
• Very inexpensive, fast, and relatively painless
• Suitable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser or waxing
• Takes no more than 15 minutes to thread both eyebrows
• No chemicals used, meaning no risk of a negative skin reaction
• Results last for two to four weeks

Struggling to fit everything in on the run up to Christmas – not a problem … No appointments are necessary at LHB for this pampering – just walk in for your threading treatment…

 We’ve been at the forefront of sculpting and styling for over a decade and can provide the following threading services for all you needs…

Eyebrow Threading: £12.00
Eyebrow threading allows us to create a defined arch and precise shape, delivering optimum definition for eyebrows – and HD Brows.

Lip Threading: £10
For those with sensitive skin, can be a good alternative to waxing, which doesn’t require hair being a specified length to effectively remove.

Chin Threading: £10
Threading can lend itself well to chin hair removal due to the chins shape and the threading method of rolling over areas of unwanted hair.

Sides of Face Threading: £15
Fast and effective removal of fine ‘downy’ hair, that can act as a barrier for moisturisers and make-up.

Full Face Incl Brows Just £35

No need to be shy with the discretion at LHB… Walk in today and see how we make this fast fix into a luxury treatment, with threading at The Lanes Health & Beauty…

LHB – 01273 725572