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Welcome to our final June blog, which will be concentrating on the current clash of the titans Threading Vs Waxing…!

As you probably know by now – threading is the hair removal method utilising thread twisted around each hair, pulling it out from the follicle.

This hair removal method is believed to have originated in Turkey or Iran, and is still popular in the Middle East and India today.

Threading is commonly used to remove hair on the face, typically cheeks, chin, lip, and eyebrow. There are several techniques, the most common being when the thread is held in the therapist’s mouth (usually by the teeth) and the other side is held by hand.

For the purpose of hygiene, it’s recommended that the therapist doesn’t use the mouth but instead uses a simple loop of thread with about 10-15 twists in the middle. They can then use the index finger and thumb of each hand to move the twists across the skin.

Threading Vs Waxing – Why we like waxing…

Threading takes longer than waxing, as hairs are removed more gradually, (instead of a few quick pulls). Many people find this hurts more than waxing. Some people even prepare their skin using a product containing 2% lidocaine to help take the edge off!

Rolling thread against the skin does create friction, and can result in occasional pinching with slack skin. Both of these can add to the pain level.

Just like when home tweezing your brows at home – watery eyes and a sneezing fit can ensue!

For a professional finish to your brows, the Lanes Health & Beauty advocate waxing over threading. We will sculpt the exact shape of your perfect brow by measuring the eye and it’s arch – providing symmetry to the face. Unlike threading, waxing allows us to be 100% accurate, with no risk of accidental hair removal (which can be fatal, especially with eyebrows!).

Our therapists have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in using both the ‘Clean & Easy’ waxing system and ‘Hot Wax’ (for sensitive areas). Our Hollywood style salons make even the most basic of treatments feel pampered and glamorous!

The Lanes Health & Beauty offer a truly holistic range of treatments for HD Brows, Eyebrow Extensions and waxing

Get in touch with us today for your consultation and let us help you look truly stunning with our preferred hair removal treatment…