Waxing near me

Keeping in line with seasonal demand of all things ‘bare and beautiful’ is our 3rd blog for April on how to find the best waxing near me… If you’ve neglected this super specialist treatment during the winter months – then you are not alone! So let LHB get you smoother and sexier than you’ve ever been this year!

From expert waxing to permanent pulse light reduction, our treatments offer the very latest efficient and hygienic hair removal technology…

LHB are proud to be a 100% unisex salon and cater for many of Brighton’s boys as well as the girls. And – with the endless benefits for male waxing it’s no surprise that our client list of guys is ever increasing.

  • Lasts longer than shaving as hairs removed from the root
  • Ensures that hair regrowth is slower and finer
  • Makes skin feel smoother for longer (without feeling itchy)
  • Faster and more convenient than shaving
  • Leaves your skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated due to removing the layer of dead cells from the surface of your skin. (This means a double win of skin exfoliation in addition to hair removal)…!

LHB have been waxing Brighton for years and All therapists have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in using both the ‘Clean & Easy’ waxing system and ‘Hot Wax’ (for sensitive areas).

The Clean & Easy waxing system uses a canister roll-on system in favour of regular pot wax, which enables us to achieve the smoothest application of wax possible – which results in optimum hair removal. We also always use talc’ which provides a barrier for all waxing treatments.

Waxing Near Me Essentials:

Hair should be a minimum of 1\2 cm long to achieve best waxing results

Exfoliate before your treatment to lift and remove any in-growing hairs

Once the treatment has taken place – keep the area clean and dry – and do not expose your body to high levels of heat …

Exfoliate one week after your treatment and continue to do so (once a week) to minimise in-growing hairs …

LHB are the go-to when trying to find waxing near me – not only do we have years of professional expertise, but are also more easily reachable than most. You’ll find us a very short walk from most of Brighton parking facilities and conveniently located within the fashion, beauty and dining hotspots within our beloved City. What are you waiting for – call today for availability and let LHB work their magic to realise a silkier softer sexier you.

LHB – 01273 725572